Following is just a broad classification of the 100+ services we can provide to our customers. And with over 50+ years of experience, we know what will be the best for you and your firm.


“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”.
Abraham Lincoln

Every responsible business when grows is governed by more complex and broadening regulatory requirements. We being in profession for more than 50 years have gained extensive experience and developed a dynamic perspective to help our clients dealing with regulatory compliance.  To name a few of our expertise domain
·  Statutory Audit in accordance with – IGAAP/ IND-AS / IFRS/ US-GAAP
·  Special Audit Investigation
·  Tax Audit
·  Concurrent Audit
·  And much more…..


Every business in the world has a target segment to cater and the kind of services or value they offer determine the response of the market. Running a business takes into account a lot of services ranging from procurement of funds, development of product /services, marketing of the same, having a watch on competitors to follow up with the rules, regulations and litigations.

In between the whole process there could certainly be some need for which they need good consultancy regarding:

  1. Working Capital Management
  2. Financial management planning and policy determination
  3. Advice regarding raising fund and capital restructuring
  4. Preparing project report
  5. Budgeting, both Capital and Revenue

And various other matters……

So that they don’t burn much of their resources in hit and trial run.

Our team of professionals can certainly guide you through any such matter with ease and help you achieve your goal.


“True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with a good feedback on mistake”
Daniel Kahneman

Since 1969, we have constantly focused on building a dynamic team that have an extensive experience in providing substantial advice on

  • Incorporation of company
  • Entry level strategy-cons.
  • Restructuring of ongoing business-cons.
  • Winding up of a company
  • Abidance with the Compliances and emerging laws

~ Digital Transformation and Overhauling ~

[Information system audit]

Digital Transformation presents a golden opportunity to cater our client rapidly, efficiently and innovatively in a customized manner.

Every business irrespective of the size have realized the impact-situation like pandemic can create and how with using digital methods, even office culture can be replaced with work from home tradition. Our dynamic team of young and smart minds along with the deep insights of senior professionals having Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) can assist you, not only in digital advancement but also helping them with proper management of information system. To mitigate that we ensure securing your business through security protocols as per industry benchmark, real time assessment of network and data, reinforcing your confidence in the digital setup along with bringing efficiency in process, “customer centric focused dashboard” that help transform your business cycle for B2B and B2C.


“Change is the only thing constant on earth
And With change either you adapt or you perish”

GST was one such major change and we have helped many of our clients sail through it easily. We provide customized service based on the client requirement ranging from


-Updated compliances

-Helping them locate key tax events

-Identifying errors with filing of GST-R

-Dedicated advisory over call

-To provide industry required training


If you are planning to set up or to start a business now is the right time, considering factors like economical rate of interest at which funds can be proclaimed, availability of software, advancement of technology and above all incentives by government like tax exemption for a period of 3 years u/s 80IAC, easier public procurement norms, startup patent application, IPR protection and much more.

 We at V.D. Tiwari & co. assist you with making crucial decision at initial stages that starts from

  1. Registration
  2. Procurement of fund
  3. Assisting in Patent
  4. Providing guidance to utilize the fund
  5. And many more….to ultimately help you realize your goal.