GSTR – 8 – Statement for E-commerce operator(ECO) for Supplies effected through it

E-commerce operator is a person who owns or manages a digital or electronic facility or platform for electronic commerce such as Flipkart, Snap deal, Amazon, etc. It is mandatory for all E-commerce operators to obtain the GST registration number as well as registered for TCS (Tax collection at source). An E-commerce operator(ECO) provides online platforms to large number sellers who can reach out to a large number of customers by getting registered online on their platform.

Form GSTR-8 contains the details of goods or services or both supplied by a supplier through ECO, including the goods or services returned through it and the amount of tax collected at source(TCS). 

For Example, consider that Pandey book Enterprises supplies books worth Rs.50000 through Flipkart. Now Flipkart being the e-commerce operator will deduct the TCS @ 1% and deposit Rs.500 with the Government. The amount of Rs.500 will get reflected in GSTR-2A of Pandey book Enterprises after filing of GSTR-8 by Flipkart.

Monthly return 

E-commerce operator(ECO) shall furnish a monthly return in Form GSTR-8 electronically through the common portal.

Prerequisites for filing of GSTR -8

In order to file GSTR 8 one should have:

  1. GST with a 15 digit PAN based GSTIN 
  2. Aggregate turnover of business should be greater than Res. 20 lakhs (Rs. 10 lakhs in NE India)
  3. An E-commerce operator with an online marketplace
  4. This return does not apply to all registered taxpayers under the GST who have opted for the composition scheme nor have a Unique Identification Number (UIN).  This return is not applicable to non-resident taxpayers.

Last date of filing return 

The details in Form GSTR-8 are required to be furnished on or before 10th of the month succeeding the calendar month in which tax has been collected at source. Further, the amount of tax collected by an E-commerce operator(ECO) is required to be deposited by the 10th of the month succeeding the calendar month in which tax has been collected at source.

 TCS details made available in GSTR-2A 

The details of tax collected at source(TCS) furnished by the ECO in Form GSTR-8 shall be made available electronically to each of the suppliers in Part C of Form GSTR-2A on the Goods and Services Tax(GST) common portal after the due date of filing of Form GSTR-8.

How to revise GSTR-8?

GSTR-8 once filed, cannot be revised. Any error or fault made in the return can be revised in the next month’s return. 

For Example: If an error is made in August GSTR-8, rectification for the same can be made in September GSTR-8 or in later months when the error or omission is identified.

 Details to be furnished in GSTR-8

  1. Provide Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number (GSTIN). A provisional ID is also allowed to be used if GSTIN is not available.

2. The legal name of the registered person

3. Details of supplies made through e-commerce operators and gross value of supplies made to registered persons and unregistered persons and value of supplies returned by them. It is important to note that the difference between the supplies made and supplies returned will be the net amount liable for TCS.

4Amendments to details of supplies in respect of any earlier statement any correction to data submitted in the return of previous months can be done by filling in this section.

5. Details of interest if the amount of TCS is not deposited on time by the e-commerce operator, then interest is levied on account of late payment of TCS amount.

6. Tax payable and paid this includes the total amount of tax payable under each head that is SGST, CGST and IGST and how much tax has been paid.

7. Interest is payable @ 18% is the case of late payment of GST. The interest shall be calculated on the unpaid tax amount.

8. Refunds claimed from electronic cash ledgers can be claimed only when all the TCS liability for that tax period has been fully settled.

9. Debit entries in cash ledger for Tax Collected at Source (TCS) or interest payment.

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