Trademark Registration:

It is a kind of type of intellectual property protection under which a word or visual symbol used by a business to distinguish its goods or services from other similar goods or services originating from a special business is often protected. To register a trademark, an application should be filed by the applicant with the relevant prescribed format.

Benefits of Trademark Renewal

After the registration in Trademark, companies are going to benefit from getting infringed on your trademark. The advantage is only being a continuation of the trademark renewed from time to time.

Documents Required for Trademark Renewal

  • A copy of the Registration Certificate
  • An ID and any Address Proof of the Applicant 
  • Copy of TM-A
  • Power of Attorney  

Trademark Fee for New Applications

  • The fee for new trademark registration has been increased to Rs. 9000 for online and Rs.10, 000 for offline.
  • A reduced fee of Rs. 4,500 for online and Rs.5,000 for offline filing has been prescribed for individuals, start-ups, and small enterprises.

The procedure of Trademark Renewal

Trademark Renewal can be done in 2ways-

You can apply renewal:

  • to change any words and sign-in the already existing 
  • otherwise without a change in trademark

The procedure is as follows- 

  • The application for renewal shall be filed by the registered owner himself or by an agent authorized by him.
  • Form TM-R shall be used for a renewal application. 
  • To Protect the trademark it is advised to take the help of any professional while filing renewal applications.
  • Trademarks must be renewed before expiry which gives you wings for another 10 years without any disturbance.
  • After filing the trademark renewal application, the status of the application shall be continuously checked until it is processed by the registrar.
  • The Trademark Journal is an official gazette of the Trademark registry which governs the application status whether it is accepted or not if accepted then advertised in the Trademark Journal.
    Procedure if the Renewal period gets expired
  • If someone forgot to renew his trademark due to workload,  then no worries he can still apply for restoration.
  • Under section 25(4) of the Trademark Act, 1999 you can apply for restoration by submitting an application and paying the prescribed fee. However, this can be only be done within one year of the expiration of the trademark

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